Anabhirati Jataka

Once on a time when Brahmadatta was reigning in Benares, the Bodhisatta was a teacher of world wide reputation, as in the foregoing story. And a pupil of his, finding his wife unfaithful, was so affected by the discovery that he stayed away for some days, but being asked one day by his teacher what was the reason of his absence, he made a clean breast of it. Then said his teacher, “My son, there is no private property in women: they are common to all. And therefore wise men knowing their fraity, are not excited to anger against them.” And so saying, he repeated this stanza for pupil’s edification:-

                        Like highways, rivers, courtyards hostelries,

                        Or taverns, which to all alike extend

                        One universal hospitality,

                        Is womankind; and wise men never stoop

                        To wrath at frailty in a sex so frail.

            Such was the instruction which the Bodhisatta imparted to his pupil, who thenceforward grew indifferent to what women did. And as for his wife, she was so changed by hearing that the teacher knew what she was, that she gave up her naughtiness thenceforth.



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