Ucchanga Jataka

Once on a time when Brahmadatta was reigning in Benares, three men were ploughing on the outskirts of a forest, and everything came to pass as above. Being asked by the king which of the three she would take, the woman said, “Cannot your majesty give me all three?” “No,” said the king, “I cannot.” “Well, if I cannot have all three, give me my brother.” “Take your husband or your son,” said the king. “What matters a brother?” “The two former I can readily replace,” answered the woman, “but a brother never!” And so saying, she repeated this stanza:-

                        A son’s an easy find; of husbands too

                        An ample choice throngs public ways. But where

                        Will all my pains another brother find?

            “She is quite right,” said the king, well pleased. And he bade all three men be fetched from the prison and given over to the woman. She took them all three and went her way.



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